Programs & Events

2023–2024 Student Programs & Events
Ribbon and Scale Festival
November 11, 2023 from 8:30 A.M.–2:00 P.M. at Christ's Church in Bellbrook
(Register with Nanyi Qiang by October 22)
Info & Guidelines
Application Form
Technical Requirements Syllabus
Teacher Participation Form
Student Recitals
February 4, 2024 – Student recital at 2:30 PM at Beavercreek Baptist Church
(Register with Marsha Holcomb by January 22)
April 28, 2024 – Adult Student Recital at 2:30 PM at Bethany Village
(Register with Judy Bede by April 18)
May 19, 2024 – “Honors Recital” at 2:30 PM at Beavercreek Baptist Church
(Register with Marsha Holcomb by May 8)
Ohio Buckeye Auditions Western District
2024 Buckeye Auditions Information
Student Composition Contest
2024 Student Composition Contest
OhioMTA/Graves Piano Solo and Ensemble Competition
View 2024 Application Information
RCM Examinations
2023–2024 RCM Examinations Information


The Ohio Music Teacher’s Association (OMTA) was founded in 1879 in Delaware, Ohio. It is now affiliated with Music Teachers National Association, which was founded in 1876. MTNA is America's oldest professional music teachers organization. Our membership includes independent music teachers, college faculty members, and concert artists.Our goals are to offer a wide variety of opportunities for students' musical development – recitals, master classes, festivals -as well as local programs and workshops for teachers and the state and national conventions. Throughout the U.S. our membership includes teachers of every instrument and voice. The aims of OMTA are to raise our teaching standards to a high professional level.Benefits of belonging to OMTA:Prestige of belonging to a national music organization
Participation in state and national conventions
National Certification
Subscription to American Music Teacher Magazine
District, State, and National auditions for students
Recitals, Evaluations, Ribbon Festival/Scale Olympics for students
Local OMTA meetings and special workshops for teachers
Association with your professional colleagues

2023–2024 Officers

President – Neil Nanyi Qiang
Programs/1st Vice President – Neil Nanyi Qiang
Student Activities/2nd Vice President – Neil Nanyi Qiang
Ribbon Festival and Scale Olympics – Neil Nanyi Qiang, Minjie Bao
RCM Certificate Program – Andrea Arese-Elias
Buckeye Auditions – Merri Kozlowski-Klode
Student Composition Contest – Judy Bede
Student Recitals – Marsha Holcomb
Certification/3rd Vice President – Pat Brooks
Membership/4th Vice President – (vacant)
Webmaster – Ryan Greene
Recording Secretary – Emily Cutler
Treasurer – Minjie Bao
Immediate Past President – Laura Atkins
State OMTA President – Susan Treer
State OMTA President Elect – Andy Villemez

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